Picture credit: Akshata Karandikar, Jan 2022

Hey there!

This is Mihir. I have 8+ YOE in building mobile & web apps. I'm a Lead Software Engineer at udaan.com working on core UI capabilities, performance and stability problems.

I'm an empathetic leader and a tenacious programmer, always striving for excellence. Feeling grateful to have talented peers, cutting-edge tech, and an India-scale product to work on! 🇮🇳

My bag of tricks

I am a generalist by nature & specialist on demand. React Native, React, Typescript, State Management, React Query, Design System, Tailwind, CSS-in-JS, Frameworks, Bundlers, Packaging, CI/CD, C#, F#, SQL Server, .Net Core and a lot more 👨‍💻


Ever curious about everything! My interests span a vast range. From music, films, literature, to tech, commerce, geopolitics, biking, hiking, and beyond. Sometimes I think it's a curse 💀 Yet it drives me to connect dots across diverse fields. More about me here.


Brock Butler

Product Leader

Mihir made large contributions to the product team at Energage, both as a talented full-stack developer and as a team lead. Mihir is a dependable teammate who often took on the most challenging portions of our projects. I appreciate, and will miss, his willingness to take on new innovations while also pushing me and the whole team to operate as effectively as possible. In summary, I think Mihir has the potential to enhance any team he is a part of, and I think he will do great things in the future.

Last book I read

Got my first Kindle!

With my books piling up and pages going yellow, I made the Kindle leap. It's been a seamless transition! My library is now in my pocket, waiting to grow 📚

Last place I visited

Benaulim Beach

I stepped away from the daily chaos, ditched gadgets, and relaxed. Always up for Goa vibes! The magic of nature’s embrace is matchless! ✨