Hi, there!

I'm Mihir Karandikar - A full-stack developer from India, with 5+ YOE. I'm working for udaan.com as a Software Engineer.

I'm an empathetic leader and a tenacious programmer, always aiming for top-notch quality. I've been very fortunate to work on cutting-edge technology. I dream of writing code for a planet-scale product! 🚀

Technology I work with

Javascript, React, React Native, Redux, React Query, Tailwind CSS, CSS-in-JS, CRA, NextJS, Typescript, Webpack, Micro-frontend Architecture, Web Workers, C#, F#, SQL Server, .Net Core and a lot more.


I'm a swiss-knife among nerds! And I recently started lifting weights. Music, cycling and trekking enthusiast. And I'm a foodie! I love hanging out with my friends. You can read more about me here.


Brock Butler

Product Leader

Mihir made large contributions to the product team at Energage, both as a talented full-stack developer and as a team lead. Mihir is a dependable teammate who often took on the most challenging portions of our projects. I appreciate, and will miss, his willingness to take on new innovations while also pushing me and the whole team to operate as effectively as possible. In summary, I think Mihir has the potential to enhance any team he is a part of, and I think he will do great things in the future.

Last book I read

How Google Works

It was a good and amusing read with some geeky humor interspersed along with raw wisdom. I'm most attracted to this sort of honesty - books & people.

Last place I visited


It's a hill station in India's forested Western Ghats range, south of Mumbai. West of here is centuries-old Pratapgad Fort, perched atop a mountain spur.